• Lightening the door panel to match 911 ST
  • Original 911 S carpet to match the E model series
  • Reducing the insulating material
  • Chrome-plated door handles to match the E series
  • 2 sports seats, type 911 S, artificial leather, houndstooth interior lining, to match the E model series
  • Modifying the back seat to match type 911 S (as in the E model series)
  • Modifying the gearshift to match the 911 S model (as in the E model series)
  • Installing a historic Becker radio with a traditional ’80s look
  • iPod – connector
  • Optional: installing a radio with GPS
  • Loudspeakers in the side doors

All of these measures lead to an overall weight reduction of about 170 kg, so that the total weight of the vehicle is only 1,230 kg (originally 1,400 kg). Combined with the better performance data and the vehicle optimization, this provides a one-of-a-kind driving experience that can be enjoyed year-round.
The basic vehicles that we use all come with a sunroof (also available without sunroof), ABS braking system, air conditioning and power steering.