Buying a vintage car

First of all, let your emotions guide you:
Sometimes our nostalgic memories are what inspire us to buy a vintage car. Just think back to our younger days, when we sat in the backseat of our parents’ cars and dreamed about owning our own special car “when we grow up.” Or sometimes you just want to escape your hectic day-to-day work and dive into a little free time – clear your head, enjoy your precious time to the fullest.
A vintage car represents and protects your long-term investment. Especially in times of economic turbulence, the material value of these cars is once again becoming more important.

Our motto: Trust is good, but control is even better! You should only buy your vehicles from companies that have their own specialist workshops and are familiar with the actual details of the cars.
That’s where we come in. Together with our team, we have developed a strict testing program. We submit every aspect of the vehicle to stringent technical and visual tests. We look at not only safety-related components like the auto body, brakes, chassis and steering, but also at the paint thickness and history, and we review and evaluate the car’s originality. As a result, when you buy a vehicle with us, you also receive a comprehensive evaluation. That is what we call transparency – “signed and sealed.” Or, to put it another way:
The price-performance ratio is right!

Every single car that we include in our portfolio presents an enjoyable look, feel and driving experience. It is the sum total and result of comprehensive, extensive research and our careful selection process.
We are always surprised by how happy it makes us to see the overwhelming joy of an incomparable vintage car reflected in the faces of its new owners.
It would make us very happy to fulfill your driving dreams.