Meyrick Cox

Meyrick Cox

born in 1964

Meyrick is a very experienced amateur racecar driver with nearly 30 years of racing experience, and he has participated in more than 40(!) 24-hour races worldwide. He has won 4 overall victories.

He has driven every imaginable vehicle – single-seaters, touring cars and even off-road cars.

In addition, he has completed races on many different courses throughout the world.

He has a very special relationship with the Nürburgring. Over more than 25 years, he has taken part in 19(!) races there. For his first 24-hour race, he paid 2,500 DM for a spot in the pit lane (those were the days…).

Although Meyrick comes from England, the Nürburgring is like a second home to him. His relationship with rain is not unusual for an Englishman – that’s probably why he has a special talent for racing in the rain. He also loves driving in the dark.

His best 24-hour Nürburgring result so far was a respectable 11th place.

From 2001 – 2003 he achieved many best-in-class wins in the Renault Clio, with most of his wins coming in the SP3.

Since 2013, though, Meyrick has been spending more time at the Nürburgring again, and he relies on the RPR Racing Team. In 2014, he will compete in the entire VLN season in RPR Racing’s Opel Astra Cup.


  • 3 VLN competitions for RPR Racing in the Porsche Cayman SP6 and Renault Clio V3
  • 24-hour races with RPR Racing


  • Opel Astra OPC Cup with RPR-Racing
  • 24-hour races with RPR-Racing


  • 24-hour races with Racehouse Motorsport


  • 24-hour races with RaceHouse Motorsport/ RPR-Racing
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