the R-Coupé

The R Coupe – redefining a Mercedes Benz classic

The W111-series coupes, especially the V8 models from Mercedes Benz, have always stood for luxury. With its innovative solutions, RPR engineering offers the ability to combine this luxury with unexpected sportiness as well as modern safety functions.

You already know that higher speeds, high torques and miles of stop-and-go driving are poison for your aging Mercedes. And sometimes you’re also annoyed by the noise levels, sudden engine problems and emergency calls to the tow service. Is all that really necessary?
Enjoy your special driving experience every day, without any stress! Our technical upgrade of your vehicle will let you do just that. You will quickly come to value the perfect symbiosis between a classic, stylish appearance and the reliability and sportiness of modern technology.

As an individualist, you should have your own individual Mercedes, too. Driving pleasure with fun and passion – that’s our guarantee! No regrets and no breakdowns.