R-Coupé 500

The RPR Motors restomod variant of the W111 coupe. Simple, elegant and powerful.


The R-Coupé - the new definition of Mercedes-Benz classics

The coupés of the W111 series, in particular the V8 models from Mercedes-Benz, have always stood for luxury.

RPR-Motors offers with innovative solutions the possibility to combine this luxury with unimagined sportiness in combination with modern safety features.

You know that higher speeds, high RPMs and miles of stop-and-go are poison for your aged Mercedes. The high temperatures cause problems for your classic, often it doesn’t start or runs out of round, especially when warm.
The high fuel consumption and unfiltered exhaust emissions are no longer in keeping with the times. Often, for this very reason, the sweetheart is rarely moved.

We therefore ask : Does it have to be?

RPR Motors offers you with our technical upgrade of your vehicle the possibility to restore the everyday usability, the safety aspect and last but not least the driving pleasure.

You will quickly learn to appreciate the perfect symbiosis between a classic, stylish appearance and the reliability and sportiness of modern technology.



Experience as an individualist also your individual Mercedes. Pure driving fun, with desire & passion, that's what we stand for at RPR-Motors!


Technical data R-Coupé

Engine: Robust Mercedes M113 with 5 ltr. Displacement. Expandable up to the AMG55.

What makes the R-Coupé so special

modern, powerful Mercedes AMG engine up to 5.5ltr. Displacement. Stainless steel exhaust system with catalytic converter. Comfortable & reliable 5-speed automatic transmission with Tipptronic. Large, internally ventilated brake discs with ABS. As well as a space-steering axle in conjunction with an electric air suspension chassis combine ride comfort & safety. And all this with TÜV. This combination makes the RPR Motors Restomod unique.

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RPR Restomod

Since 2012, we have been implementing modern Mercedes technology in selected classics, mostly invisible from the outside. From the V6 or V8 engine suitable for everyday use to the reliable and comfortable 5-speed automatic transmission. For this purpose, we have developed a unique concept with the modern space-steering axle in combination with the air suspension. For your safety & the ultimate driving pleasure.

You already have a suitable base vehicle or are still looking for one? Contact us.