R-SL ElektroMOD

Mercedes Pagoda (W113) redefined as an electric zero emissions car by RPR-Motors

The original Pagoda was Paul Bracq’s styling masterpiece. The Mercedes-Benz (W113 SL) was built to exceptional standards, and RPR-Motors refresh looks to maintain that. RPR Motors in Germany maintains the Pagoda’s structural integrity and the conversion maintaining its value & options into the future. The vehicle’s upgrade is CAD-designed & optimized. A brand new battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control forms plus the power from the Tesla powertrain will be the heart of this new masterpiece.

R-SL Zero Pagoda comes with Tesla Power Train

due to the 20th years of experiance in Mercedes NEWtech Enginering, RPR-Motors will be the first indipentend Company who will convert the Mercedes-Benz Pagoda (W113) to an all electriv Car with Tesla Powertrain.

ready for the future – more to come soon……