RPR Motors implants, almost invisible from the outside, modern vehicle technology in selected Mercedes classic cars.

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RPR Restomod

Individuality makes the difference.
A classic car owes its designation to the fact that it has outlived its time. Nevertheless, especially nowadays such a vehicle would like to be moved regularly again. However, today’s requirements for your classic car (safety, traffic, stop-and-go, driving comfort, environmental aspects) have changed fundamentally. Therefore, craftsmanship and innovative spirit are required to achieve this goal.
You will be amazed at the potential of your classic car.

We implant modern vehicle technology in selected classic cars, almost invisible from the outside.

Not least the current climate debate makes us rethink: The high fuel consumption, environmental compatibility, no longer contemporary safety aspects (eg no ABS )or just pure driving pleasure.

There are many reasons to have RPR-Motors upgrade your classic.


Multi-Link axle!

instead of the unpopular single-joint swing axle. Mercedes has been using the so-called space-steer axle since the W201 to this day.

Restomod technology at a glance

modern, powerful Mercedes AMG engine up to 5.5ltr. Displacement. Stainless steel exhaust system with catalytic converter technology. Comfortable & reliable 5-speed automatic transmission with Tipptronic. Large, internally ventilated brake discs with ABS. As well as a space-steering axle in conjunction with an electric air suspension chassis combine ride comfort, safety and, above all, driving pleasure. And all this with TÜV. This combination makes the RPR Motors Restomod truly unique.

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RPR Restomods

Since 2012, we have been implementing modern Mercedes technology in selected classics, mostly invisible from the outside. From the V6 or V8 engine suitable for everyday use to the reliable and comfortable 5-speed automatic transmission. For this purpose, we have developed a unique concept with the modern space-steering axle in combination with the air suspension. For your safety & the ultimate driving pleasure.

You already have a suitable base vehicle or are still looking for one? Contact us.